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State & Federal Healthcare

Enrollment Assistance

Our direct community outreach educates individuals on their healthcare options while providing guidance in the enrollment process for both state and federally funded programs. Navigating through the complexities, we assist past, current and future patients across the entire lifespan. From birth to retirement, The WellFund is always available to assist individuals with all their medical coverage needs.


Our commitment to providers and patients does not end with the enrollment process. We continue to monitor coverage, ensuring premium activation dates are met and that coverage remains active. The WellFund heightens the patient experience while serving as a valuable support system to those that need it most

Perfiniti Licensed and certified agents enroll your patients that do not qualify for government funded insurance programs year-round. This helps reduce your patient financial responsibly by enrolling in Marketplace coverage or Medicaid secondary to Medicare. Partnering with Perfiniti allows you to market to your patient population, within CMS guidelines.

By having a broker relationship who offers ALL major plan options, Perfiniti is better able to educate and enroll your patient population year-round.

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